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The Most Iconic DOTA 2 Hero Names of All Time

The Most Iconic DOTA 2 Hero Names of All Time

Of the hundreds of heroes in this game, there are only more than one name of the most iconic Dota 2 hero and known throughout the ages by players in the meantime. The choice of Dota 2 hero names is also the most versatile in all of Esports. There are 121 unique Dota 2 hero names along with the advantages and disadvantages of each. There are no Dota 2 hero names that are the same, because each hero comes with their own skills. This forces players to have dissimilar approaches for different heroes. As such, some heroes are more popular than others within the Dota 2 community. This list looks at some of the most iconic heroes in the game’s history, along with remembering Esports tournaments and frequent use by pro players.

Shadow Fiends

Shadow Fiend (SF) is a classic Dota 2 mid-hero. In the early days of Dota, players had to master SF to be recognized as a proper mid-player. He can deal massive damage to enemies with each of his abilities. He is one of the most popular DOTA 2 hero names in pubs and is sometimes picked on in the pro scene. His ultimate ability, Requiem of Souls, is one of the most satisfying burst damage abilities in the game.

This ultimate has made SF one of the most popular heroes because too few enemies can survive the perfect Requiem. Other SF abilities also provide additional magical damage. His passive ability increases physical damage, making him one of the best offensive heroes in the game.


nvoker has one of the highest skill limits in Dota 2. Quas, Wex, and Exort are the three basic skills. However, by using a combination of the three, Invoker can cast 10 unique spells. These spells can do everything from dealing damage to treating Invokers.

As a result, Invoker is one of the best mid heroes in the game. The possibilities of this hero are endless. This hero is also very versatile because he can be played in different modes. He can also be played in the four position, increasing his versatility.

Invoker is one of the most stylish heroes in Dota 2 and requires high skill to play. Mastering Invoker is something that players are too proud of. He is also the most chosen hero of all time.


Io, the wisp, is one of the most famous Dota 2 hero names. Even though IO is one of the least picked heroes in the game, his influence on the pro scene is undeniable. Initially, Io was support. He can save allies from the jaws of death and heal them to full health within seconds. But in The International 9, that all changed. OG raise player Anathan “Ana” Pham started playing Io as the position one hero. Using these unconventional tips, OG won TI9.

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